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The project Marvin & Guy (M&G) is born in 2011 from the children of two diverse musical generations but with a shared/common knowledge of how to make people dance on rather/fairly underground sounds, with the actual/original meaning of the term.

Immediately after, an EP is released under the Japanese label Let’s Get Lost (LGL), integral part of the master label Mule Musiq. The side A track “Town” (re-edit of the 1981 homonymous disco song “Town” of Minako Yoshida) sees such unexpected success that takes them directly in the studio of LGL for for two more recordings, the numbers 19 and 22.
Toshiya Kawasaki, chief of the master label Mule, noticing the much positive feedback that the project receives, commissions the remix of “La Palette”, a track taken from the last LP of Eddie C, which is then released in the record Endless Flight. M&G also gain the attention of the other side of the globe which adds a fifth release to their collection, in New York ground this time and with “On The Prowl Records”, the label of Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral.

Two years after its birth, M&G project, beyond the releases also lists/collects a remarkable series of dates around the world: New York, Philadelphia, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Lyon, Annecy, London….to name a few. After the publishing of the single UWIH (which definitely created important echo in every zone of The World) on their own label Marvin & Guy Records, they are releasing the 2nd E.P. on it within end of July called “Makin’ Love”, another EP on L.A. based label Young Adults called “Dance Abilities EP” and workin’ for the Album out this Fall 2014. These two K-fighters are on duty grinding.
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